A Note from Past Me

(disclaimer: I wrote this on the 8th of September, 2015. This isn’t even the half of it wrt how long this blog has been in the pipeline! Old habits die hard. I’m also slightly less covered in milk these days.)

As I write this, I’m nine days away from heading off to New York and two days into my new life as a barista. I’m well aware that by the time this blog comes to fruition, and you’re actually reading this, all talk of America will leave me in a little puddle of post-holiday sadness and I’ll (hopefully) be a lot better at barista-ing. I just thought it’d be fun to talk to me-from-the-future while me-from-the-past dithers over launching her damn blog.

We’ll talk about New York once I’ve been (not that the time scale means much to you). For now, coffee!

Two days down and I’m between the stage of being a total newbie who knows absolutely nothing, and a proper employee who knows absolutely everything. I know a little about a lot. At 9am this morning, for instance, I successfully covered myself in milk after unsuccessfully attempting to steam it. We’re talking hair, arm, shirt, glasses coverage and even some in the eye for good measure. Still not sure how I wasn’t burnt in any way because the milk was at about 120 degrees, but let’s just call it beginner’s luck and move on. By the end of my shift I’d sort of got the nack for it. It’s early days though, so if you ever come across me at work and I’m covered in milk, don’t look concerned. Or surprised.

I thought it’d be fun to leave little updates on my struggle through the awkward teething phase of Learning How To Do My Job. For someone that’s never worked in food service before I can safely say it’s going haphazardly.

Until next time,




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