End of 2015 TBR


I pride myself on being a big lover of books. However, after attending the incredible Insight Into Publishing event at Hachette’s Carmelite House on Wednesday (there’s a post on that one coming very shortly), I had a bit of an internal realisation that I don’t really challenge myself with what I read. I’m a sucker for two types of book: I’ll either pick up a heavily-led-by-romance ‘chick-lit’ type of novel or a YA easy read. Not that there’s anything wrong with either of these types of books (if there was, I wouldn’t love them so damn much), but I’ve decided I’m going to try and broaden my horizons a bit.

So here’s my TBR stack as it stands at the moment:

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is my current read. After a long 21 years of being seriously anti-HP for no reason whatsoever, I decided to just give the series a try and I’m really enjoying it so far. A easy first venture into the fantasy genre! That being said, I’m quite happy to be starting the longer books of the series as I can’t wait for the story to go a bit more in-depth.

Delirium is a dystopian novel, first in a series, which is in my stack after being recommended to me by my friends Sarah (diaryofateachaholic) and Charlotte (missionred), who both assured me it’d changed their lives and it would mine too. The premise of the Delirium series is ‘what if we lived in a world where love is a disease?’ Can’t wait to give this a go.

Gray Mountain is a bit of a different one for me, from an author I’d admittedly never heard of before my day at Insight Into Publishing. This John Grisham novel landed in all of our hands as a freebie in the goody bags from Hachette which was such a nice surprise! The blurb is brief, but Gray Mountain is described as ‘thrilling suspense’ by the Huff Post and best-selling thriller writer Ken Follett describes Grisham as ‘the best thriller writer alive’, which is quite the accolade! Hopefully I can get my teeth into this one and it can sway me towards a genre I haven’t given much of a chance yet.

Me Before You has taken the UK romance novel ‘scene’ by storm. This bloody book has been everywhere this year, and much like my relationship with the Harry Potter books I avoided it for whatever reason. However, Sarah recently read this one and it reduced her to tears – call me strange all you like, but I love a book that can have that effect on the reader – so I headed straight to Smith’s to add it to my pile. I’ll pick this one up when I fancy a ‘break’ from my genre-hopping agenda.

The Man in the High Castle is another dystopian, sci-fi pick, actually gifted to me by my friend Vicky before she headed off to Germany on her year abroad. We had spent the day wandering through Waterstone’s (a favourite hobby of mine) and after finding there was only one copy of this left and I let her have it, she insisted on buying me a second-hand copy from Amazon and had it sent to me. So this is it! TMITHC explores an alternate universe, where the Allies lose WW2 and the Nazis take control of New York, while the Japanese control California and the African continent is virtually wiped out. An underground bestseller lives in a ‘neutral buffer zone’, whose works offer a new version of their reality, giving hope to the disheartened. I am so excited to read this one, and because it’s short I think I’m going to save it for a train journey sometime in the near future.

That’s my stack in lovely detail! If you’ve got any other titles you think I’d like, fire away – I’m always on the hunt for my new fave book.

Until next time,

Emma x


5 thoughts on “End of 2015 TBR

  1. […] Carmelite House, for starters, is a beautiful home for Hachette. The interior is all very sleek and modern, with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves lining the walkways and spacious lifts with padded walls. We were greeted with tea, coffee and tote bags full of goodies, including the new John Grisham novel Gray Mountain (which I featured in my TBR, actually, here). […]


  2. I was thinking I’ll give a shorter one a crack first so it might have to be Carrie! Oh God, really? I was shown The Shining at uni and loved it although it didn’t scare me that much, probably mainly because of the less advanced cinematics back then haha. You’ll get me properly into them all, just give me time! 😉


  3. Thrillers and sci fi all the way!!! Stephen King is the best thriller/horror writer of all time though just saying 😀


    • Why have we never talked about this before?! Dad’s been trying to get me into Stephen King for years! We’ve got a huge collection of his stuff here – which one would you recommend I go for first?

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      • HMOIRSXCHOOTEAZ love your dad so much more. My first read was Carrie so I’m a bit biased towards that but mainly as its one of the shorter ones. I haven’t read them all by far yet but my favourite so far is the shining. Totally different to the film and actually had me feeling more sympathetic rather than just ‘OMG HORRIBLE MURDER PEOPLE’. I’m still trying to recover from the first 100 pages of it as it freaked me out too much haha.

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