Get your kettles ready.

Happy Sunday evening!

Winter has arrived in bitterly cold fashion in the UK this weekend and therefore it is only appropriate that the kettle is put on at least three times as often as normal throughout the day. If I didn’t get my fair share of hot drinks working at Caffé Nero already, I am now stocked up around the clock after tagging along with my Mum to do a food shop this morning and accidently buying a lot more tea and coffee than is strictly necessary.


(I’ve spent the afternoon sampling everything I bought and can confirm it is all tip top.)

After nearly forgetting about green tea entirely (something I’d specifically added to the shopping list before we left the house), I ran back to quickly grab a box and ended up being too intrigued by this to not have it. It’s a ‘super green tea’ by Tetley infused with lemon and honey, which promises to boost my immune system. I’m actually drinking this one as we speak and it’s really good – sweet and lemony and not really tasting of green tea at all. I’m going to list that as a pro rather than a con, because I think the majority would agree that if you could reap the health benefits of drinking green tea without having to put up with the ‘green’ taste, you’d do so in a heartbeat.

This little jar of Douwe Egberts infused instant coffee was admittedly a lot smaller than I thought it would be for the price – I think it cost just under £3 – but after seeing the advert for this range on TV I had to try some. At work I am so, so bad for paying extra for and adding shots of Monin syrup to my already calorific lattes, and after a few months of work the novelty is slowly wearing off and I need an alternative! These are perfect. As I went to take the first sip of mine earlier the roasted hazelnut smelled gorgeous and tasted really smooth too. The other flavours in the collection are caramel, vanilla and chocolate which I’m also v excited to try.

Every so often at uni I would add these Double Choca Mocha sachets to my online shopping basket because they’re so good (and they often saved me on nights of assignment stress and minor panics about the future). That’s all I have to say really. Pour sachet into mug, add boiling water, leave for a bit, stir, ta-da. 10/10. Would mocha every day if I could.

Finally I’ve got the Drink Me Spiced Chai Latte powder which, as you can see on the tub, is the exact same powder we use to make chai lattes at work. My Mum is adament that this is a Christmassy drink just because it’s best served sprinked with cinnamon on top. It really isn’t, it goes hard all year round and I’m chai ’til I die because it’s so sweet and spicy and everything you could ask for if you’re not looking for a caffiene kick.


Now that I’ve done the shameful thing of using ‘chai ’til I die’ in a sentence and published it on the Internet I’m gonna go. Hope this has given you some inspiration to switch things up from your regular breakfast tea this winter!

Until next time,

Emma x


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