Blogmas Day 1!

December has finally decided to show its face, which can only mean one thing – Blogmas has arrived with it. You know the drill, bloggers (and vloggers, which you’re probably familiar with too) post content on every day of December in the run up to Christmas.

A bit of a virtual advent calendar, if you will.

I can tell you ahead of time that I won’t be able to post every single day because, of course, I wasn’t organised enough to schedule some posts in advance and, of course, work will become hectic as we approach the big day because the weather will inevitably take a miserable turn for the worst.

As it’s the first today, I thought I’d start my Blogmas as every December begins – with advent calendars!


I am *that* person who takes advent calendars really seriously. I’ve never eaten the chocolates in a botched order or all at once, and I’ve never had to play catch up for being away (I transported my advent calendar backwards and forwards – sometimes with a few squashed corners – for all three of the years I was at uni). Growing up, my brother and I had a Nativity advent ‘calendar’, where each day we would add a new character or animal to the stable, and by Christmas there’d be a proper 3d card Nativity scene on the mantelpiece.

This year I’ve gone for something a little different – the Yankee Candle Advent house. I’m always on the lookout for ways to be healthier and while scouring the Internet in November decided I didn’t want a chocolate advent calendar this time round. Not that it’s going to make the world of difference – I’m sure 24 little chocolates aren’t going to have that much of an impact on my already full-of-Quality-Street Christmas body – but I just fancied something a little different. Plus on Christmas Eve the front door opens to reveal a ‘Christmas Eve’ scented candle – *how* amazing is that!?


Here’s my raw Snapchat reaction. This candle is Snowflake Cookie scented, it’s subtle and sweet and has been burning beautifully in my bedroom while I’ve been trying to declutter.

Happy advent, all!

Emma x


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