I’m cancelling Blogmas.

For me, not the rest of the world. Hold onto your hats.

It’s already plainly obvious that posting something Christmassy every day is a task which I’m incapable of finishing. I need to make this post for myself, really, because if I don’t it’ll constantly be hanging on my mind that it’s been X days since I last posted and aren’t I awful etc. etc. etc.

Reasons why? There are many reasons, the main one being that I’m really, truly not in the festive spirit this year. There’s not much in our life worth celebrating. Dad’s disease is progressing, there’s a constant rain cloud hanging over our heads and the mental exhaustion of the past six months has finally caught up with me. All I want to do in my free time is lie in bed and watch YouTube videos! As such, it’s come to December and I haven’t made a Christmas list, I’ve barely listened to any Christmas songs and I can count the amount of times I’ve socialised outside of work in the past month on one hand.

That’s it, really. You’ll be happy to hear, on the other hand, that I’m still opening and enjoying my advent calendar, and the novelty of the Christmas gingerbread muffins we’ve got in at work still hasn’t worn off. Father Christmas isn’t stopping here this year, but I’m keeping optimistic.

I’ll still be posting things, but just as and when I can. You won’t get rid of me that easily.

Hope you’re well. Until next time,

Emma x


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