*intermission music plays*

Hi! Happy New Year!
Just an incredibly quick post to show my face and prove to myself that blogging isn’t the monstrous thing I seem to be making myself believe it is. See, you’re doing it! You’re typing away and you’ve got things to say. Well done, Emma. Finally.
I’ve got quite a few posts that are waiting to be written – I want to tell you about my recent spontaneous adventure to Berlin and I’ve read a couple of books over the holidays (Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit has taught me a lot about love and I’ve got some pretty controversial opinions on JoJo Moyes’ bestseller, Me Before You) amongst other things. I’m really keen to dedicate myself to blogging in 2016, even if on an ad hoc basis, so let’s pretend it’s the 1st of January and not the 20th so we can get things started.I’ll talk to you soon. Hope you’re keeping the January blues at bay, wherever you are!

Emma x