* * Lentmas * *


Super excited at the prospect of Lent. (this photo is nearly a year old oh God I miss this hair)

Yes, you’ve read that correctly. No, strictly speaking, ‘Lentmas’ is not a word – and even if it was it wouldn’t make sense. But until Easter, we’re going to assume it is.

Seeing as I so spectacularly fucked up my Blogmas last December by making a grand total of two posts, and none of my relatives are critically ill at the moment, I’m feeling hopeful about Lentmas. (Before you ask, I’m not taking the mick out of my Dad’s death – I’d never do such a thing – but by the end of his life his disease had taken over all of our lives, which even left Dad wondering how on Earth he hadn’t gone yet. Kept his sense of humour right to the end, he did.)

But anyway! I digress. Lentmas is going to run exactly how a Blogmas would. Don’t worry, I’m not going to be spamming anyone with Easter egg hauls or giving you a lesson or two about Jesus’s crucifixion (although I do know quite a lot about it thanks to growing up with religious grandparents). What I mean is I’ll just be checking in every day, whether it be through giving you the run down on my day ‘Dear diary…’ style, or a post with a bit more of a point. Who knows? We’ll see.

I’ll be using the tag ‘Lentmas’ although I’m 99% sure not a single other soul on the entire Internet will be following suit.

Until tomorrow(!),

Emma x



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