Lentmas, Day 1

Happy first day of Lentmas!

It’s 11am and I’ve not long been back from the gym. I’m still a bit bunged up from the few days of cold I’ve been through this week (the 8 packs of travel tissues I bought in a panic were, in hindsight, entirely unnecessary), so I took things slow and it was nice. It always surprises me how much I enjoy the feeling of breaking a sweat.

Today’s a bit of a slow one – I’ve just got work later this afternoon and then I’ll come home for tea. Part of my ‘no snacking for Lent’ is resisting the temptation to eat the food on wastage at work. We’re treated really well at Nero. For every shift long enough for a break, you’re allowed a free panini or pasta meal, and on any shift you can have at least two bottles of Coke or water for free. What’s more, if you work the close and there’s food going out of date, it’s all yours. I’ve been there just over five months and that five finger discount novelty is definitely yet to wear off, so I’m trying to force myself not to snaffle a muffin or two for the next 40 days.

Some little annoyances: our tumble drier is definitely broken. It squeaks a lot. I’m definitely going to deal with this like a proper adult and just wait for my Mum to come back from Scotland on Sunday. Until that point I’m going to tumble dry things…tentatively.

Until tomorrow!,

Emma x


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