Lentmas, Day 3: TIGER haul!

Sorry about the lateness of this post! I worked from 11-7.30 today, and since coming home all I’ve wanted to do is eat paella and drink wine, which is convenient because that’s exactly what I’ve done.

Today’s post is completely self-indulgent. Yesterday I ventured into Worcester, the nearest city to where I live, and visited our branch of Tiger. Bloody love Tiger. If you don’t have one near you (or have just never been in), Tiger is a European nick-nacky shop that sells stationary, homey bits and bobs, food and drink, and everything is ridiculously cheap. Their style is super kooky and kitsch; everything is brightly coloured and patterned and it’s right up my street. So here is what I bought!

Lightbulb String Lights, £8

day 3 1

The lightbulbs themselves are actually made of plastic which is definitely a plus, because I know I won’t accidently smash them which would’ve been an inevitability had they been glass. It’s also a plus in the sense that they’re not very heavy, so they can be draped like this over my book nook (spot the salsa pot and tanning lotion…anyways) without being weighed down.

Wall Clock, £4

day 3 2

Not the most exciting of photos, and I apologise for the seemingly bad colour scheme of my bedroom – believe it or not I chose this clock because the green of the number dots actually matches my carpet. This clock was such a little bargain. Again it’s made of plastic and cardboard, so very lightweight and cheap-feeling, but when you pay 4 quid for a clock you can’t really expect much else. It comes in two colours, the other having a blue face with white numbers and hands.


Peppermint Fish mints, £1

day 3 3Literally the cutest little tin of mints I’ve ever seen. They’re a very sweet kind of mint and really moreish – I took some into work today and they went down a treat. I thought they were so cute I bought two tins, and will probably be going back for more! Give me these over Polos any day.





Cat bowl and mug, £1 each day 3 4

I saw these in the window display and couldn’t not. I don’t even know if they’re meant to fit together like this but just look! I’m in love. These bowls and mugs also come in black and pink, and seeing as they’re displayed next to some kids’ plastic cutlery I’m pretty sure their target audience is meant to be for people a liiiittle bit younger than me. On a practical note, however, they’re absolutely perfect for me – I can never get through an entire cup of coffee before it goes cold on me, and although I’m trying to get stuck into liking porridge again I’m taking it in baby steps, so this bowl is perfect for a smaller portion size. Also, A POUND EACH. A POUND.

This whole haul came to £16, which I think is amazing. TIGER is a blessing: I know when the time comes for me to fly the nest and move out I’ll be paying another visit to pick up half my decor!

Sorry for a bit of a cheat-y Lentmas today. I’ll try and make tomorrow’s post a bit less predictable than a Valentine’s ‘special’.

Until then,

Emma x





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