Feeling loved (and tired. So very tired)

Tonight we are having issues with the Internet. For whatever reason, my laptop refuses to stay connected to the Internet for more than about five minutes at a time – yet my phone’s Internet is working just fine. So, yep, I’m meticulously writing this on my phone! I couldn’t let Lentmas slip on the fourth day. That’d just be rude.

Today has been long. I spent the morning at my friend Hannah’s having a beautiful Valentine’s brunch: ham, avocado, tomato and egg on rye toast, followed by croissants with pomegranate seeds and champagne-infused strawberry jam. The girl knows how to treat me! It was a very bright, fresh morning here today so the sun was streaming in and it was lovely. Who needs a traditional Valentine anyway?!

Work, however, was another story entirely. For some reason it is the done thing to bring either your significant other or your whole family for a panini and a coffee on Valentine’s Day – although, actually, more people than not are drinking hot chocolates with cream and marshmallows at the moment, so I’m sick to the back teeth of making them. I’m absolutely rubbish when it comes to busy days at work. It’s one of my worst traits; I will 100% let my stress take over when we’ve got a demanding queue and I’ll suddenly let *all* my stress pile up until I’m fighting back tears while making a cappuccino. It’s really not my best look! I’d say it’s something I need to work on but I’ve been a worrier ever since I was tiny, so that ain’t gonna change.

But, as all days do, it eventually ended and I was welcomed home by my Mum and a round of cheese on toast. She’s been in Scotland for a few days visiting a friend so it’s really lovely to have her back. It’s also really lovely to be lying in bed as I type this with the knowledge that I have a day off tomorrow!


My Valentine’s Day effort stretched as far as wearing red lipstick to work.

Until tomorrow,

Emma x


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