A Day of Coffee (Lentmas, Day 6)


Evening all! It’s been a very long Tuesday for me. I’ve been sat here, racking my brain for interesting post ideas, but I’m coming up short so here’s a little day-in-the-life. Specifically my life, on the 16th February 2016. Heh.

My day started at 5am, at which point I woke up sort-of hungover with a mouth like sandpaper. My brother, cousin and I went out for a drink last night, but ‘a drink’ quickly became 3 large glasses of wine and as I am a big fat lightweight it went straight to my head. So at 5am, I decided to start my day – by dozing until 5:45am when my alarm went off for work.

After walking to work because Mum had forgotten to put the car keys back where I could find them, I had a fun shift where time seemed to just fly by. My favourite thing about my job is definitely the bunch of people I work with; I’m always having a laugh whoever I’m on shift with and there’s nobody that I don’t get along with. I also like working a morning because it’s when all our regulars are in – it’s lovely just to see so many familiar faces and have easy small chat as opposed to dealing with huge families or stiff-upper-lip types who tend to show up in busy periods.

We have two branches of Caffé Nero in my town and I’d volunteered to do some sick cover at the other one for a few hours after my shift this morning, so I headed straight down in the car (after sitting at the main traffic lights on the way for 10 minutes – who thought doing road works and having 4-way light control in half term was a good idea?!) and had a relaxed, fairly quiet 3-hour shift there. Got an orange hot chocolate to go on the way home. If you’re anywhere near a Nero and love a Terry’s chocolate orange, seriously give our new drink a go. It’s so so good.

Now I’m back home and have eaten some delicious Covent Garden soup for dinner, their Goan Chicken and Spiced Lentils flavour from the skinny range. Will definitely be buying this again. I was meant to be heading out to Aqua Zumba tonight, but considering the class starts in 10 minutes and I’m still vegging out on my laptop in my work uniform I feel like it’s not gonna happen.

Hope you’ve all had a good Tuesday! Until tomorrow,

Emma x



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