YSL Touche Éclat Le Teint Foundation | Review

Let’s begin this review by setting the record straight – I’m in no way a beauty blogger. In the past year or so, I have just taken an interest in more expensive makeup from higher quality brands. As I don’t wear makeup every day, I’m more willing to invest in something that’ll last me ages – doing a full face also feels a bit more special when you can see and feel the difference.

12722494_10208318131088120_1277028033_oSo, this foundation. I bought it based off a single review I’d seen on a beauty blog. The reviewer (can’t remember who it was now, whoops) described Touche Éclat Le Teint as lightweight and long-lasting, which was exactly what I wanted. Upon visiting the YSL counter to be matched and immediately finding a shade that was spot on, I knew I was making the right choice.

At £32.50(!!!), it’s not the cheapest foundation I’ve ever owned. For years I caked myself in Dream Matte Mousse for the sake of paying something like £9.50, even though I’m sure my skin hated me for it. The acne scars that grace my entire right cheek serve as a bitter reminder.


With just one-and-a-half small pumps, the foundation manages a light, even coverage that doesn’t cake in the creases of your nose or pick up every single imperfection on your face (as some foundations so annoyingly do). Along with the primer I’ve used on my face first, the end result is a soft look that is just really peachy and nice with a bit of blush (I’ve never been one for contour). This bottle is going to last me ages. You can tell from my before and after, too, that it doesn’t drastically change the colour of my face – I don’t have the tell-tale orange line around my chin.

For me, Touche Éclat just ticks all the boxes. I paid a similar price to being matched with some MAC foundation last year, but was so disappointed by the gloopy, oily consistency of theirs and the poor job of matching me the sales assistant did (once away from their yellow-tinted mirror lighting I was left with a really yellow-toned, satsuma-esque shade. Not cool).

Your bank account may take a bit of a beating, but I would seriously recommend taking the plunge and investing in YSL’s wonderful offering. This is coming from possibly the biggest stinge you will ever come across.

Until tomorrow,

Emma x



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