Newcastle trippin’ | 6th-8th March 2016

September 2016 will mark the four-year anniversary of the beginning of my promise-making to my friend Kate, along the lines of ‘I will *definitely* come and visit you in Newcastle as soon as I can!’ when we moved away to uni. With this in mind, I finally got myself up to the blustery North to see the city for myself, one £83 return train ticket later.

On the better side of a five-hour train journey (and one confused, clompy walk from Birmingham Snow Hill to Grand Central to catch my connection because, not only had I never done the walk before, but I was also hauling a suitcase along cobbled pavements and had my nicest heeled brogues on to boot. So, clomp clomp), another of my nearest and dearest Anna met me from the station and took us to an independant bakery, The Great British Cupcakery, giving me a flying tour of the city centre on the way – visit to the viewing point in the Baltic art gallery included. We had the most *incredible* milkshakes and a lovely big catch up.


These were only £5 – I feel like *I* robbed *them*, but whatever.

We made our way onto the Metro and into Jesmond later on, where Anna dropped me at Kate’s to head off and live the busy life of a medic (and cook some lemon salmon. A surprisingly good combo, if the rumours are to be believed).

I’m going to spare you the minute-by-minute details of the whole two days, but instead here are the things I learned during my visit.

1. Cobbling together any mixture of vegetables, meat and cheese with risotto rice and cream makes for a great meal.
2. Some sort of record of fisheries began in 1866. (Kate took me to her lecture I’ve gone a bit sketchy on all the other details of that fact)
3. Newcastle uni students, on the whole, are both v good looking and v well dressed.
4. In Newcastle, it makes perfect logical sense to charge £4.50 for a cider black (!!!!), but £9 for six shots of tequila (?!!?!?!). I’m deadly serious.
5. Just because you *can* make a martini with the contents of a sherbert Dip Dab doesn’t mean you should.
6. A hungover Tuesday morning is best spent with coffee on the beach, watching wet dogs play fetch and poo in the sea.

and finally, arguably the most important lesson…

7. it is worth spending the money to travel to a new place, see good friends and feel a little bit lighter.

…that was so corny. I can only apologise.

I had a lot of fun! Even if I upped and left my mum on Mothering Sunday to get there. Soz, Mum.

Until tomorrow (who are we kidding??),

Emma x


5 thoughts on “Newcastle trippin’ | 6th-8th March 2016

  1. I still can’t get over those milkshakes. I need a Great British Cupcakery nearby!! Not sure if I could survive on those extortionate cider prices though. You could buy a gallon of Somersetian cider for a fiver, paha! Love the post ❤


    • Ahh Manchester is such a fun city, I’ve got family nearby. If you ever get the chance I would definitely recommend making the journey! (Although who am I to talk, it took me four years to get to Newcastle…)


      • I’m on my 5th year now I think aha so you’re definitely a much better friend than I am. I will definitely go north of the wall soon! (He repeated 5 years later…)

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