Social Media Done Right

In 2016, it’s really important to have a good social media presence. When I flew to New York last year, I was able to send a tweet to the Delta Airlines customer services Twitter account (@DeltaAssist, by the way) with a query about my flight details. Minutes later, the issue was resolved and I was happy. Had I been flying just a few years ago, I’d have spent a panicky few days awaiting an email response, or paying over the odds to sit on hold over the phone. Social media is such a helpful tool. It’s instant and fairly simple to grasp, making brands more accesible than they’ve ever been.

With this in mind, I’ve been having a little think about the best brands on social media. This is what I’ve come up with.

1. Denny’s Diner (@dennysdiner on Twitter, dennys on Tumblr)

Okay. Had it not been for the Internet, I probably wouldn’t know what Denny’s is. Why would I? I’m a Brit living in Britain. Even if I visited every state in America it wouldn’t be a dead cert that I’d run into a Denny’s (don’t fact check me on this). However, their Twitter account sets Denny’s apart from all other American diners.

Why, you might ask? Because it’s a goldmine of shitposting and it’s hilarious.

It’s a little weird. I’m not going to pretend it’s normal. But by becoming such a meme in their own right, Denny’s are tapping into the younger generation and getting exposure in circles they might not have done normally (Brits living in Britain, for example.) You do you, Denny’s.

2. Kellogg’s (particularly their Krave Challenge series)

If you’re a follower of popular British YouTubers, as I am, and you were active on social media in 2013, you’ll remember the Krave Challenge. Kellogg’s teamed up with lots of content creators to basically plug their cereal and their Mates Go Free offer that was running at the time in association with Merlin Entertainment.

Obviously I’ve got no idea how #spon deals work behind-the-scenes, but it was a very savvy move of Kellogg’s to promote themselves this way: each challenge was tailored to the specific YouTuber, meaning at the end of the project there were all these different, unique, engaging adverts for Krave that weren’t just trotted out in between the soaps on TV. The knock-on effects were great, too: as a viewer of these videos, I discovered more YouTubers (a main feature of each challenge was to ‘tag’ another creator to do their own) and YouTube gained more views as the videos were shared around.

Here are some of my favourites:

3. Tesco (specifically Tesco Mobile – @tescomobile on Twitter)

Finally, I had to include Tesco Mobile on this list. Not often do you see an official social media account being slightly below the bar – but whoever runs the Tesco Mobile Twitter must be a real opportunist, and luckily it’s paid off every time. Who could forget these incredible clapbacks that went viral in an instant?

A bit of a risky move, but I’ll speak for myself and say it definitely got me and my friends talking about Tesco Mobile. I even set my heart on a phone contract from them before Carphone Warehouse lured me back, which I wouldn’t have even considered beforehand! The stunts have only positively impacted Tesco Mobile as a brand, making them the more ‘likeable’ option. Feels weird saying that about a phone network, but it’s definitely true, isn’t it?

Are there any particularly special ones I’ve missed out? Let me know (because this sort of thing really does interest me, honest.) Social media is a hub of greatness and I’m so glad we have it.


Emma x


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