They grow old so fast!

Happy 15th Birthday, Animal Crossing!

Today, Animal Crossing turns 15. I wasn’t a part of the fun when the initial games console versions were released, but I *did* get in on the franchise in 2006 with the UK release of Wild World for the Nintendo DS. As Polly says in her post, Animal Crossing is very well suited to the cosy, curl-up-on-the-sofa mode of playing a handheld. I was instantly hooked.

So what is Animal Crossing? It’s not a traditional game, so to speak. The premise is simple: you’re a human, newly arrived to begin your life in a town full of animals. AC plays in real-time, and it really is like a home away from home. You can fish, catch bugs and dig up hidden treasure, all of which can be traded for Bells. As you’re wandering around your idyllic virtual home you can chat to your neighbours and take part in local-time festivals – the game runs true to time 24/7, 365 days a year, which is so cool. It moves with the seasons, so at the moment I’m enjoying some lovely pink blossom trees.

I love Animal Crossing: New Leaf. It’s an amalgamation of all the formats before it, and then some. Not only are you a resident of your town, you’re the mayor! You can customise your town however you wish, from the opening hours of shops to the building of just about anything (I’m currently having the plans approved for a wishing well in my apple orchard. Fancy that). There’s a tropical island to explore, and the wireless connection feature of the 3DS has made visiting friends – and just about anyone else! – easier than ever.

Here’s my little ‘mini me’, Peaches, being a mayor and doing mayor things.

Animal Crossing is a no-pressure, relaxing escape from reality. Thanks for giving me a miniature paradise to get stuck into whenever I please!

Until next time,

Emma x


5 thoughts on “They grow old so fast!

  1. I’m the same as you here. I didn’t play it on console (honestly, I didn’t even know it was was released as a console version) but I LOVED it on my DS.

    I haven’t played it in ages. I so wanna get back into it :D.


    • Same here! I was surgically attached to it when I was a lot younger, so when I was unemployed last summer I bought New Leaf and haven’t looked back. I would so recommend taking the plunge! It’s dangerous…I was the same with The Sims 3. I play it for like four hours a day for a week and then not again for 6 months!

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      • I literally just went through my Sims phase again! I spent around 12 hours on a Saturday and around enough 6 on the Sunday playing and then every day throughout the week, and now I haven’t been on it since!
        I’d really love to get back into Animal Crossing though, I’ll definitely start playing again!


          • I bought Sims 4 on a whim last year and loveddddd it! It’s actually so much better (different but better) and once you get used to the changes it’s perfect. Definitely. I grabbed my DS and put it on charge last night. I can’t wait :).


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