Let’s Catch Up: Tenerife


So yeah, *that* happened! My friend Abbie and I booked a holiday to Tenerife 5 days before we went. I’ve never done anything so spontaneous – and I’m so glad we did!

We arrived in Tenerife on a Monday night (after a cheeky bit of prosecco on the plane) and left Friday afternoon in the last week of April. So three whole days. On the Wednesday we went to Siam Park, allegedly the world’s number 1 waterpark (according to TripAdvisor), but the Tuesday and Thursday were spent topping up tans/burns and drinking Tequila Sunrises by the pool.


The lady next to me on the flight out had the *cutest* baby in the world who didn’t cry for the whole flight. She also insisted we have this photo taken. When drinking at 34,000ft…


This is the resort we stayed in. It’s the Santa Barbara Golf & Ocean Club, in San Miguel. The lobby was a bit like a palace with a big, sweeping staircase and chandeliers, and our room was like a proper apartment – it had a hallway! For a last minute deal working out at £40 each for the studio, we were seriously impressed. Plus the TV picked up BBC1, BBC2 and ITV, which meant we could be proper #BritsAbroad for the week. The resort itself is a bit remote, and getting to the Americas would’ve taken us a lengthy taxi ride which is something we didn’t really factor into our budgeting. We didn’t get to do much exploring of Tenerife because of that, which is a bit of a shame, but we were only after a bit of a breather away somewhere hot anyway so it suited us fine.

Siam Park was such a fun day out. I can see why it’s been ranked #1 in the world on TripAdvisor. Walking up to the top of each ride we were treated to beautiful views of Tenerife, as well as walking amongst so many pretty flowers and plants to get there. The rides themselves were great too. My favourite was called the Vulcano – a ride with a huge drop into a dark, inclosed ‘toilet’ (you know the types of water ride I mean when I say that?) fitted with blue and white LED lights. So cool!

(As well as the rides, we spent ages in the mahoosive wave machine doing handstands and riding the waves because we’re children.)


About two hours into our first day I became the sunburn queen. This was a tiny part of the damage post-Siam Park. It hurt a loooot more than I’m letting on. Aftersun everywha.

I’m gonna pitch you a scenario now. You’ve just spent the whole day having loads of fun at this crazy waterpark. What do you do with your evening? A few glasses of wine over dinner and a walk along the beach? Venture into the Americas and dance the night away?

…do any of your scenarios end with an MJ tribute act, three big glasses of Sangria and a bit of a secret sick at 3am? No?

…mine neither…ha ha ha…

To round off the lovely holiday we did the typical ‘white girl on Instagram’ thing of taking incredibly candid, impromptu photos that we definitely didn’t spend all week arranging in our heads. Where did you get THAT idea from?


Until next time,

Emma x


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