My Day, in Encounters


Today, I served a man who had left his own shop unattended to nip over to us and pick up his daily take-away coffee. As I busied myself making his drink as efficiently as possible, I noticed he kept turning to look out the window at his shop. He frustratedly told me to ‘hurry up, hurry up, there are customers in my shop!’. He told me this a couple of times, raising his voice as he went on, and eventually threw his money across the bar *at* me barely sticking around for me to grab him his change. Essentially, I got a telling off from a customer because he left his own shop unattended.


Later on in my shift, I was the only person working the bar and had a reasonably-sized queue of about 3 customers. A few minutes beforehand I’d popped a customer’s panini on the grill to toast and set a timer. When the timer eventually went off, I was midway through steaming the milk for another customer’s cappuccino, but I stopped what I was doing to quickly plate up the sandwich to stop it from burning. (I was going to take it out to the customer who’d ordered it as soon as I’d taken for the cappuccino I was making). However, about 30 seconds later, in front of this queue of people, the owner of the panini walks up AND ONTO the bar, taking her panini and saying ‘I suppose I’ll come and get this, shall I?’ while looking me right in the eye. I was the only person on the bar and my hands were full. Apparently my bar is a free-for-all for customers to come and go as they please.


At about 3.30pm today, I was walking to the post office to send off a parcel for my brother. On my way home I walked past my old secondary school, more specifically past a group of six kids who I’d say were about 13 or 14 years old. I was sending a Facebook message as I walked. As they approached, one of the lads kept saying ‘hello!’ ‘helllooo’ ‘OI’ at me, amd he waved his hands about three inches away from my face as we passed each other. I just looked at him questioningly.  As soon as he was behind me, he called ‘no need to be so fucking rude! Rude. Ruuuude.’ His friends then shouted, ‘sorry about him!’ and they all laughed in the way bratty teenagers do to be somehow more annoying than they already are.

Presented without context. How was your Monday?

Until next time,

Emma x


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