2 | Although it’s Week 7, really

Well, fuck. Forgot about my pledge to write a blog post a week, didn’t I? It completely slipped my mind. What’s worse is I can’t actually remember what I’ve done, week by week. All I know is we’re near enough 7 weeks deep into 2017 already. Cool.

SO, I’m going to just write 6 posts in quick succession to get back up to speed. I’ve got enough shit to write about in the meantime. I picked up my car, named her Val (as soon as I clocked the numberplate the name stuck) and have driven her fair distances; I went on the holiday I booked and had a fab time. I’ve been to manager’s meetings at work, started completing 5k runs at the gym because I realised I was capable, and I’ve changed up my hair (again). It’s been a good few weeks.

Stand by. I really wanna keep this resolution.


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