Blogging Every Day In March (BEDIM), day 1: Random Acts of Kindness

It’s the first of March, Lent is upon us and as part of my yearly pledge to pale in comparison to Jesus heading into the desert to ward off temptation, I’ve set myself some goals. As far as my blog’s concerned, I’m going to be making a post every day in March – inspired by the VEDIM trend I’ve seen some YouTubers complete (Video Every Day In March), I’m going to give BEDIM (which I hope is self-explanatory) my best shot.
Today’s offering is a nod to the joy of random acts of kindness. I was this morning talking to one of my regular customers at work, marvelling at photos of her sculptures – a talent she’d never mentioned before – and lamenting my arty side as it’s something I’ve let go a little, even though I love getting stuck into creative things.
If you’d asked me from the ages of about 4-11 what I wanted to be when I was older, I would’ve told you I was going to be an artist. The pipe dream slowly manifested itself into wanting to be a book illustrator, a la Nick Sharratt – Jacqueline Wilson books influenced my little life every way possible, no doubt about it – and now I’ve settled on wanting to write the books themselves.
Anyway, I digress. I sent
my customer on her way and, completely unexpectedly, she returned an hour later with one of her old sketchbooks for me. I was so touched! Even sweeter yet, she’d written a dedication to me on the first page.

I’m excited to get back into a little bit of sketching. I’m also in the best mood because I can’t get over how thoughtful the gesture was!

Hope you’re all well. Expect to see a lot more of me in March.

Emma x


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