The gal has returned!

I’ve managed to bring my laptop back from the dead tonight. It’s been in and out of consciousness for a few weeks now, well and truly circling the drain, to the point where I spent my lunch break today frantically Internet browsing for a new laptop.

But I’ve saved it. Me. Doing something techie. Dad would be so proud (and so very confused).

It’s annoying though, because in my blogging absence I’ve made so many big life decisions and completely shaken up my whole routine. I wanted to document it all! I wanted to write about everything as I did it.

Never mind. I’m here now and this is what I’ve been up to!

New job

In April, I went for a sneaky interview without telling anyone, and was initially rejected for the position. Two days after that rejection, and not before I’d blabbed to everyone that I’d been for this interview and no they hadn’t offered me the job and yes I was going to be at Nero for the foreseeable future, I got an unexpected email from the organisation offering me the job.

A lot of sheepish apologising and notice-handing-in later, I served my last ever coffee (probably) (it was a regular americano, drink in with hot milk. How boring) and transitioned into my shiny new graduate role as an Editorial Assistant.

Philosophy students everywhere: it’s happened. A Philosophy degree has come in useful. Brace yourselves; if I can do it, you can too.

New location

What made me taking this job a bit more of a song and dance than it probably should’ve been was the fact that I had to relocate to take it up.

If you’ve been to Malvern, you’ll know it’s not exactly a hub of graduate opportunities. If you haven’t been, you’re probably wondering ‘where the hell is that?’, which is sort of the same thing.

The new job is in Manchester. I’ve got a couple of friends who live here, and my dad’s close family live nearby too. I’m staying with his cousin and feeling very at home! In June I’ll be starting to look for somewhere to live in Manchester, which is exciting and terrifying in equal amounts.

New hair

A list isn’t a list until it’s got three points, right?

I spontaneously booked myself in for an overhaul appointment the day before I left home. Cut, colour, restyle – the lot.

I’ve now got something that isn’t really a thing, not quite, but my hairdresser and I have called it a ‘colour melt’ and it doesn’t look entirely horrible so I’m happy. It’s really nice actually. I couldn’t handle my roots coming through so quickly as they did with my all-over orange/’auburn’ colour, so I’ve got natural brown roots into red at the ends.

I’ve got the jazziest hair in my team now. Which is really worth the £82 spent, arguably on a whim, getting to that point.

Until next time – I’m so happy to be back!

Emma x



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